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Have you ever dreamt of studying, interning, or conducting research abroad but found yourself ineligible for popular scholarship grants like Erasmus or Holland Scholarship? Don’t worry – there’s still hope! The Radboud University Profiling Fund offers an exciting opportunity in the form of the Individual Travel Grant (IRS). This grant is designed to assist students like you in covering the extra expenses associated with going abroad for an academic venture. From tickets to visa fees, accommodation rental to vaccinations, the IRS grant has your back. But wait, there’s more! Let’s delve deeper into this fantastic funding opportunity and how it can support your international aspirations.


Who is Eligible for the Individual Travel Grant?

If you’re a student registered in a bachelor or Master’s program at Radboud University, you’re in luck! The Individual Travel Grant (IRS) is specifically tailored to support students like you who are eager to explore academic opportunities abroad. By meeting this basic requirement, you take a significant step towards accessing this valuable financial aid.

Not Receiving Other Grants

To qualify for the IRS grant, it’s essential that you’re not already benefiting from other popular grants such as Erasmus or Holland Scholarship. This eligibility criterion ensures that the grant reaches students who may not have secured alternate financial support for their international exchange programs. So, if you haven’t received these grants, you’re on the right track to apply for the IRS grant.


Duration and Approval of Exchange Program

Your international exchange program must span a minimum of 2 consecutive months to be eligible for the IRS grant. This requirement emphasizes the importance of meaningful academic experiences abroad, as shorter trips or vacations are not covered. Additionally, the approval of your study program or faculty is crucial, ensuring that your exchange aligns with your academic goals and contributes to your overall learning.

Ensuring Meaningful Academic Experiences

The eligibility criteria for the Individual Travel Grant (IRS) are designed to ensure that students embark on impactful academic journeys abroad. By fulfilling the requirements, including program duration and faculty approval, you pave the way for a rewarding international experience supported by financial aid. So, if you’re ready to delve into the world of global learning, meeting these criteria sets you on the path to unlocking the benefits of the IRS grant.

Grant Amount and Duration

When it comes to the Individual Travel Grant (IRS) provided by the Radboud University Profiling Fund, the amount of funding you receive is determined by the duration and location of your exchange program. Here’s a breakdown of how the grant amount is calculated:

  • For stays within Europe, you can expect to receive 200 euros per month to help cover your expenses.
  • If your exchange program takes you outside Europe, the grant amount increases to 300 euros per month, providing you with additional financial support.

In addition to the monthly grant amount, it’s essential to note that the maximum duration for which you can receive the grant is 4 months. This funding is designed to assist you in covering a range of expenses, from travel tickets to visa fees, accommodation rent to vaccinations. By providing this support, the IRS grant aims to alleviate the financial burden associated with studying or interning abroad, allowing you to focus on making the most of your international academic experience.

Application Process

Embarking on your international academic journey with the Radboud University Profiling Fund’s Individual Travel Grant (IRS) is an exciting opportunity. The application process is your gateway to accessing financial support for your study, internship, or research abroad. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through the application process seamlessly:

  • Complete the Web Form: Start by filling out the required web form provided by the university’s Student Life and International Mobility department. Ensure that all fields are accurately filled to avoid any delays in processing your application.
  • Submit Necessary Documents: Along with the web form, you’ll need to submit essential documents such as proof of enrollment at Radboud University, details of your exchange program, and any additional paperwork requested by the university. Double-check the document requirements to ensure a smooth application process.
  • Adhere to the Deadline: The application deadline is crucial. Make sure to submit your application at least 2 weeks before your intended departure date. This timeline allows the university ample time to review your application and disburse the grant before your international venture begins.
  • Review and Enhance Your Application: Before submission, review your application thoroughly. Ensure that all required information is provided, and the necessary documents are attached. A well-prepared application increases your chances of receiving the grant and sets the stage for a successful international experience.

By following these steps diligently, you pave the way for a seamless application process and increase your chances of securing the Individual Travel Grant (IRS). Remember, this grant is designed to support you in making the most of your academic pursuits abroad. So, put your best foot forward and embark on this exciting journey with the Radboud University Profiling Fund.


Funding Disbursement

Funding disbursement is a crucial aspect of the Individual Travel Grant (IRS) offered by the Radboud University Profiling Fund. “Once the application is approved, students receive an advance payment of 75% of the grant amount”. This advance payment is a lifeline for students, allowing them to cover immediate expenses related to their travel and stay abroad. It ensures that students have the necessary funds before embarking on their international exchange program.

Moreover, the remaining 25% of the grant amount is provided to students after the completion of their stay abroad and the submission of final documents. “This disbursement model encourages students to fulfill all requirements and submit the necessary documentation promptly”. By providing the remaining grant amount upon successful completion of the exchange program, the university ensures that students have access to funds throughout their academic venture.

The disbursement process of the IRS grant aims to support students in managing their expenses effectively during their time abroad. “Receiving 75% of the grant amount in advance enables students to plan and budget for their international exchange program”. It serves as a financial safety net, allowing students to focus on their academic pursuits without worrying about immediate financial constraints.

In conclusion, the funding disbursement process of the Individual Travel Grant (IRS) plays a vital role in facilitating a seamless and stress-free experience for students pursuing academic opportunities abroad. “By providing advance payments and final disbursements based on program completion, the grant offers financial stability and support throughout the entire international exchange journey”. It ensures that students can fully immerse themselves in their academic endeavors without being burdened by financial worries.


In conclusion, the Radboud University Profiling Fund’s Individual Travel Grant (IRS) is a fantastic opportunity for students looking to pursue academic endeavors abroad. With its support in covering extra expenses like tickets, visa fees, accommodation, and more, the IRS grant can make your international aspirations a reality. By meeting the eligibility criteria, applying correctly, and understanding the funding disbursement process, you can increase your chances of receiving this beneficial grant. So don’t let financial constraints hold you back from exploring the world and furthering your academic pursuits – the IRS grant is here to help you along the way. Take advantage of this opportunity and make your dreams of studying, interning, or conducting research abroad a reality with the IRS grant from the Radboud University Profiling Fund. Make the most of this chance to broaden your horizons and enrich your academic journey. Apply today and embark on an unforgettable international experience!

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